Prince Kaybee In Studio With Castino & Thwenny

On the back of a busy holiday season schedule, Bloemfontein based house music producer and DJ Prince Kaybee is kicking off the year in studio with rappers Castino and Thwenny Twenny. Prince Kaybee had a great year 2017, dropping his sophomore album IAMUSIC, launching his record label Low Key Records and his chart-topping singles Charlotte and Yonkinto doing very well.

Castino and Thwenny are bubbling under in the Bloem hip-hop scene having dropped their collaborative tape Stino Le Thwenny Ba Kae and a number of singles throughout the year. Individual artists in their own right, Stino Le Thwenny as they’ve come to be known, are inseparable in music and the social scene.

Judging from the video Prince Kaybee shared of an apparent studio session, it sounds like they’re working on a kwaito-inspired beat as Castino and Thwenny interchange verses between each other effortlessly. This sound is right up their alley with that authentic hood vibe.

You can watch the video below;

It should be interesting to hear what the final product sounds like. Something should be said about Prince Kaybee working with local talent, especially hip-hop artists. There is no lack of talent in the city, all the scene needs is a meaningful breakthrough; this is an encouraging development.

If it should happen this year, Prince Kaybee’s step is encouraging and a step in the right direction.

*You can also check out UK Youtubers The Ubunifu Space reacting to Prince Kaybee’s Charlotte music video below;

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