This Rapper Legit Raps About His ‘9 to 5’ & ‘BEE Lifestyle’

In a time when formal employment is shunned and entrepreneurship is idolized amongst young people; This Bloem rapper is swimming against the tide, rapping about his office job and business exploits.

El-Fez, an indie artist in the Bloem scene, has been in the game since the early 2000s. Having quit music early on to further his studies and pursue a career in construction, he’s back in the music business pursuing a career as a rapper.

A qualified civil engineer, El-Fez is using his formal job as a Senior Home Inspector and his construction business to fund his promising music career and publishing company.

On one of his latest singles ‘King of my Hood’, featuring fellow Bloem-based rappers Castino and Thwenny Twenny, he doesn’t shy away from the perks of his cushy job and government tendering as he boasts about his lucrative salary and political connects;

“I earn more than half a mil every annum,

 Just from my 9 to 5, 

 If you lost two million like I did you’d never survive, 

 I’m used to swimming with the sharks, MECs and the likes, 

 BEE lifestyle, now its time for me to thrive”

And he goes on to say;

”Ezi’ntwana ngeke zing’tshele nix,

 I can afford it,

I took my Jeep to the pozi without a deposit…”

It’s refreshing to hear this type of honesty in hip-hop, it’s unheard of.

Listen to King of my Hood Ft. Castino and Thwenny Twenny below;

El-Fez is dropping the King of my Hood music video on 1st December and working on his album set to drop in 2018.

For more of El-Fez’s music, go here and

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