3 South African Faves Hypebeasts Ruined

Hypebeast; “Slang word for someone who is a beast (obsessed) about the hype (in fashion), and will do whatever it takes to obtain that desired hype. A person who follows a trend to be cool or in style. A person who wears what is hyped up.” – Urban Dictionary

There are always those everyday products used by the vast majority of society, so much so, that these brands are embedded as part of our culture. Although these products achieve iconic status in society, the price point tends to remain reasonable, ensuring mass market appeal. This has started to change; There are 3 products in particular that have always been a part of everyday South African life, but slowly shifting out of reach for the average consumer.

Gordon’s Dry Gin; The drink of choice the old timers in the hood, even that one problematic uncle you find in every family, almost always has a bottle of Gordon’s on him. Now that gin has somehow found its way into urban youth culture, Gordon’s dry gin has gone from a reasonable R89 not so long ago, to a startling R129. Soon enough, Gorgon’s Dry Gin will soon be regarded as a premium alcohol brand.

Oros Original Squash; Our beloved Oros, a concentrate we all grew up on, has seen a rapid price increase to now cost close to a steep R40. Oros is so embedded in black culture, that you could easily find it in every household in the hood, well, not anymore.

Converse All Star; The inexpensive canvas sneaker has been part of black identity from as far as I can remember. As a staple for casual fashion, All Stars proliferated as part of the Pantsula street culture to reach iconic status in South African townships. A pair of Chuck Taylors now goes for close to a grand these days, even up to an exorbitant R1500 in some cases.

Some brands carry cultural significance that far outweighs monetary value; Inflation considered, it’s unfortunate to see these brands shift beyond the purchasing power of the average South African.

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