Become A Youtuber; 3 Pointers From A Youtube Pro

The internet’s impact on the media and entertainment industry has been profound, from breaking down barriers to entry to democratizing content creation, the internet continues to not only change the creation and consumption of content but also how we monetize it. Today, anyone can build an audience significant enough for brands to see value in reaching that audience. Youtube is one of the best platforms to build an audience on, although locally, youtubers are still in their infancy, there are some early adapters leading the way.

One such youtuber is Sibu Mpanza, a vocal, socially conscious, engaging and funny Joburg-based content creator with 140 videos, 7k subscribers and over 450k lifetime views on his 3 year old channel. As one of a very few creators who are cashing in on their appeal, Sibu is constantly inundated with questions on how to work with brands and monetize content on the internet. As someone who has worked with SA Tourism, Standard Bank, Cadbury, TakeALot, Vodacom and numerous other brands, Sibu shares some pointers on being a content creator in South Africa and working with brands on his A Rant About Working With Brands video.

Pay Your Dues; Sibu created content on Youtube for over two years before he started making any money from the channel, in fact, he doesn’t make money directly from Youtube but through branded content. Do not expect to make money a few months in, it takes time to find your voice, build consistency and an audience before brands are willing to come to you. Be Patient.

Know Your Worth; There are a number of content creators who are not earning what they should be earning, find a way to justify your rate based on your following, engagement and appeal. Given the opportunity, brands will not hesitate to underpay you, do not be afraid to reject underpaying work. Set your standard.

Creative Input; Trust yourself to share creative input into how you want your brand to be packaged. Brands are looking to use your appeal to market their business, knowing what you don’t want from the onset is just as important as knowing how you want to be involved. Be open to collaborate.

Brands are generally easy to work with and open to new ideas, by taking care of the basics, you’ll be in a better position to add value to your brand and the brands you work with.

Check out Sibu’s channel here and make sure you subscribe to his channel.

Watch the episode below

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