So, WTF Is This VOOV?

If you spend considerable time on Twitter, in the past few weeks you would have noticed a number of social media influencers have changed their profile names to “VOOV: enter name here” as part of what could only be a social media marketing campaign. Pearl Thusi, Somizi, Thando Thabethe and DJ Zinhle are some of the local celebrities who have also taken to this new platform by sharing what is said to be a glimpse into their daily lives. So what is this VOOV?

VOOV is a live-streaming social media platform that allows users to share live video content on the go. The platform also allows users access to the private lives of celebrities as they broadcast parts of their lives in real-time. Beyond photo sharing and pre-recorded video, the company positions its live-streaming feature as next big thing in social media. User-generated video content has worked wonders for Snapchat and recently Facebook owned Instagram by increasing time spent on each platform.

First launched by Tencent in China over a year ago, Naspers has brought the platform to the South African market through its 33% stake in Tencent, the stake is worth about $132 billion. Tencent also owns WeChat, another platform that Naspers has brought to the South African market. There seems to be a big push by Naspers to replicate Tencent’s successful Asian products in the South African market.

Outside of commissioning celebrities to share content on the platform, VOOV is also a platform to discover talent as users can gift their favourite VOOV stars as they engage with a much richer content experience. Makhosazana Zwane-Siguqa, Head of VOOV SA, says VOOV gives everyone an equal opportunity to keep in touch with local celebrities, engage with other users’ live streams, and create their own original content.

It remains to be seen whether the platform will gain traction in the local market, with the high cost of data and connectivity issues, Naspers will need more than a social media campaign to organically lure users to the platform.

You can download the app on the iOS & android stores, provided you’re 14 years or older.

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