This Is How You Go About Putting Together An Album Listening Session

Radio lecturer, The Eye radio host, music fan and former 5FM personality Catherine Grenfell often shares interesting insights on the entertainment industry. As a fan of the culture and someone who has worked in the industry for years, we value her opinion enough to share some of her thoughts on the platform. Here is a redacted version of her thoughts on album launches;

Album listening sessions have always been an integral part of an artist’s roll-out plan, ensuring media practitioners & influencers get an ear of your product before it drops, can help an artist build some buzz. While not all artists can afford to host PR events, if you can, here are some tips on how to go about putting together an album listening session, specifically if you’re targeting media/ influencers.

As with any event, you need to think carefully about what you want to achieve from it. The primary purpose of an album listening session is that you want the media to write and talk about it, so you need to creatively give them something other than just playing music from the album.

I recently went to MiCasa’s album listening session and it was probably one best listening sessions I’ve been to. They had it at J Something’s restaurant where we were served an incredible meal (obviously to promote his restaurant as well), as Dr Duda played the music, J-Something decoded the meaning behind each track. It was a seriously great experience to not only listen to the album, but to understand the meaning behind the music first hand. This gave the media actual content to use, props to SJN Agency for this event.

Invite a handful of media and influencers that you know would do a write up or talk about the album. Try to pair the event with something that you as the artist love doing outside of making music, it is always a good idea to have them involved in an activity, for instance, if you go for a cocktail vibe, everyone gets to make their own cocktails and experience a different side of you as an artist while they get to listen to the music. Outdoor events in the summer are also a good idea, you could get a canvas with paints and while everyone is creating their masterpiece as you play your album and explain each track. Remember, as a host, you’ll never go wrong with feeding people.

Media & influencers are insulated with invites, you need to think outside the box and not only invite them to an event, but entice them with something fun to do. You, as the artist, are also then able to use the content you gather from the experience for your own roll-out campaign.

Pick your audience carefully and let them get to know you and your music as you tell your story.

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