Central Vibe | South Africa
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Inspired by urban youth culture, in particular hip-hop with its ‘do it on your own’ ethos, Central Vibe started out as an urban youth culture blog back in 2014. The blog went from covering social lifestyle events and topical issues in the culture, to a full-service creative agency inclusive of management, content, engagement and new ventures.


“Our management unit develops, consults and manages creative talent; encompassing artist development, brand management, strategy development and advisory services.”


“The content unit develops and produces content from ideation, production management, branding through to final publication and insight analysis.”


“Our engagement unit creates, manages, distributes and monitors responsive engagements in an ever evolving traditional, digital and social media landscape driven by social influence.”


“Finally, the venture unit creates, collaborates and invests in experimental creative projects. From live activations, pop up installations and other innovative ideas.”